Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

Miguel Mera wins Student Voice Award

The annual Student Voice Awards were hosted by City University London’s Students’ Union and Learning Development Centre on Thursday 11th April 2013. The awards give students the chance to reward staff who have made a positive impact on their university experience, in particular those who have demonstrated great commitment to top-quality teaching, learning, and assessment.


The Centre for Music Studies’ Dr Miguel Mera was awarded for his outstanding contribution to learning and the student experience, with testimonials from students acknowledging his commitment to teaching as well as the initiatives he has set in place to strengthen community around the Centre. A number of students specifically noted the engaging manner of Mera’s lecture style, as well as the time and effort he puts in to individual tutoring.

Previous winners of the Student Voice Award from the Centre of Music Studies include Professor Steve Stanton (2009, 2010) and Dr. Christopher Wiley (2011, 2012). Michelle Parker — the Centre’s programme administrator — was shortlisted for an award in the Professional Services category.