Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

Dr Laudan Nooshin and Dr Diana Salazar Present at RMA Study Day

On 21st November two members of Music staff presented papers as part of the Royal Musical Association’s Study Day on ‘Researching music as process: methods and approaches’, hosted by the Faculty of Music, Oxford University.

Dr Laudan Nooshin’s paper ‘Between a rock and a hard place: discourse, practice and the unbearable lightness of analysis. Methodological challenges in studying creative process in Iranian (classical) music’ presented a case-study of two Iranian musicians, Amir Eslami and Hooshyar Khayam, as a means of uncovering some of the methodological challenges of analysing and understanding creative process in ethnomusicology. Dr Diana Salazar presented a paper on a practice-led collaboration with dancer Maria Salgado Llopis, entitled ‘Corporeal cartography: navigating process in the development of an expressive system for dance, improvisation and sonic art’. This presentation examined approaches to documentation and reflection during the development of a work for interactive dance and sound.