Daily Archives: July 13, 2016

Doctorates Awarded in the Music Department at City University, 2015-16

We are delighted to announce the following doctorates awarded in the Music Department in the 2015-16 academic year:


Liam Cagney: ‘Synthesis and Deviation: New Perspectives on the Emergence of the French courant spectral 1969-74′ (supervisor: Ian Pace) 

Tatjana Goldberg: ‘Maud Powell, Marie Hall and Alma Moodie: A Gendered Re-Evaluation of Three Violinists’ (supervisor: Ian Pace) 

Ikuko Inoguchi: ‘Concepts of Time in the Works of John Cage, George Crumb and Toru Takemitsu and Implications for Performance’ (supervisor: Ian Pace) 

Miranda Crowdus: ‘Hip Hop in South Tel Aviv: Third-Space, Convergent Dispossession(s), and Intercultural Communication in Urban Borderlands’ (supervisor: Laudan Nooshin) 

Jocelyn Howell: ‘Boosey & Hawkes: The Rise and Fall of a Wind Instrument Manufacturing Empire’ (supervisor: Stephen Cottrell)


Vasileios  Rakitzis: ‘Alfred Cortot’s Response to the Music for Solo Piano of Franz Schubert: A Study in Performance Practice’ (supervisor: Ian Pace; Guildhall advisor: Caroline Palmer)

Christopher Suckling: The Realisation of Recitative by the Cello in Handelian Opera Current and Historical Practices’ (supervisor: Alexander Lingas; Guildhall advisor: Alison McGillivray)

Annie Yim: ‘Robert Schumann’s Musical-Aesthetic Influence on Brahms’ Piano Trio in B Major, Op.8 (1854 Version) as Illustrated by Schumann’s Piano Trio in D Minor, Op.63’ (supervisor: Christopher Wiley; Guildhall advisor: Joan Havill)

Many congratulations to the students and their supervisors.