“Capturing Dementia Care Stories Through an Unexpected Medium”: An Interview with Dr Simon Grennan on Parables of Care

Dr Simon Grennan during one of the Parables of Cares workshops, 22 March 2017, City, University of London

Parables of Care co-creator and illustrator Dr Simon Grennan talked recently to The Elder Magazine on challenging our expectations of what comics are, and the form’s power to present complex information in an accessible way and inspire an emotional response.

“Comics can deal with serious issues in a way that is engaging, where the seriousness itself is rendered less problematic by the form. Information conveyed through visual storytelling is immediately more effective and memorable than text alone.”

The interview can be read at https://www.elder.org/the-elder/capturing-dementia-care-stories-dr-simon-grennan-parables-of-care/

Parables of Care is a project of the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, City, University of London, The University of Chester, UK, and Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada.

Parables of Care can be downloaded as a PDF file, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, from City Research Online: http://openaccess.city.ac.uk/18245/.

If you live in the UK you can request printed copies at no cost here.

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