With many thanks to

  • Neil Maiden and all the Care’n’share team
  • Dr Jon Bird, Dr Dympna O’Sullivan and everyone at the Centre for HCID, City, University of London, UK
  • Anthony Farthing, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Enrique Del Rey, University of Oxford, UK and everyone who contributed to the workshops
  • Dr Damon Herd, Dundee Comics Creative Space, UK
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences at Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada, particularly Ruhina Rana and Marie-Pier Caron of the Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme
  • Neil Grant and the Care’n’share story-tellers

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This project received the MCSE School Impact Fund 2017, City, University of London.

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Grennan, S., Priego, E., Sperandio, C. & Wilkins, P. (2017). Parables of Care. Creative Responses to Dementia Care, As Told by Carers. City, University of London, University of Chester, Douglas College. ISBN 978-1-5272-1200-8. Available from URI:

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