Diversify your Mind Club

Our Diversify your Mind Club events are a safe space for all staff to share radical thoughts and have brave discussions on race and racism. 

Using a range of media, the Diversify your Mind  (DYM) Club creates an enjoyable, insightful, engaging and inclusive forum to encourage new ways of thinking about race, equality and inclusivity designed normalise conversations and to support you on your anti-racist journey.


While we started as a book club, we have evolved into including a wider range of accessible, free and different types of educational media. We engage in content including poetry, plays, films and books that raise awareness of diverse cultures and experiences, may challenge our assumptions, and that encourage learning in an informal, open-minded and accessible environment. Members can ask uncomfortable questions in confidence and discover ways of being more culturally sensitive and aware of inequalities and the real lived experiences of those different to them.


DyM featured in University Business Magazine! Check out the article here

The Diversify your Mind  club has been established by Dr Kavita Powley, City’s Race Equality Manager, to facilitate discussion on culture and identity to promote race equity. The club supports the Race Equality Charter work being done at City, University of London and creates an informal brave safe space environment for allies, new learners on their inclusion journey and those involved in equality, diversity and inclusion work across City.



The club meets once a month on zoom and alternates between lunchtimes and after work to encourage inclusivity. Doing the pre-work is recommended if you want to get the most out of every session. However, everyone is welcome even without having done the pre-work, as you can still listen, engage, meet new people, and learn something!

How can you get involved?

  1. Subscribe to our site for the latest posts on events and race equity work and view our upcoming events here.
  2. Check out Past Events to see highlights of our previous discussion topics and engagement.
  3. You can also write to us at rec@city.ac.uk to speak at one of our events and directly get involved or to even suggest a topic for discussion!