Network for Racial Justice

Network for Racial Justice (NRJ)

The Network for Racial Justice (NRJ) is a staff affinity group for People of Colour (PoC) at City. The NRJ aims to bring together PoC staff members – both professional and academic – who feel passionate about racial justice and want to see a truly inclusive environment at City.

Formerly known as the BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) Network, we have changed our name to demonstrate that we are a group of professionals committed to action. City’s NRJ speaks up against discrimination, challenges systematic racism and is committed to a vision of decolonising City.

What do we do?

The role of the Network is to:

  • Support PoC staff
  • Enable PoC staff to feel that they are valued and have a vital role within City
  • Identify, discuss and raise awareness of issues affecting PoC staff and students with key decision makers
  • Collaborate with university leadership to drive change
  • Hold university leadership to account
  • Raise the profile of the Network through events
  • Provide a forum where staff can network and share opportunities
  • Provide a safe space where staff can raise their concerns in a confidential environment
  • Provide an opportunity for staff to update each other on local and national policy developments

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to be added to the NRJ mailing list, please complete our brief membership survey (which will take less than 5 minutes).

You will then be added to our MS Teams site and will receive upcoming meeting invitations.

Do consider joining and discover a safe, diverse and brave space along with a sense of community and shared purpose!

If you would like to hear more about the Network before joining, please email and Co-Chairs Jenny and Helen will be happy to meet with you.


Friends, Accomplices, Allies and Co-conspirators of City’s NRJ

Whilst membership is exclusive to PoC (People of Colour), we value accomplices, allies and co-conspirators of racial equity creation and will share information on inclusive events and campaigns that non-PoC colleagues can support.

We work closely with the Race Equality team within City, University of London’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team so you may also find it useful to subscribe to City’s Lets talk about Race and Racism website to stay up-to-date with race-led intersectional events organised by the central University EDI team.


NRJ Launch Event: Black History Month Unfiltered

12th October 2020

City Network for Racial Justice (NRJ) presents Black History Month Unfiltered, in collaboration with City, University of London, School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) and Sociology Working Group on Racial Justice.

Since the 1970s (US) and 1980s (Europe), Black History Month has become an annual celebration of achievements of Black people and a recognition of the central role played by Black people in the history of western societies. Since its inception – and while embedded in different times and places (February in USA and Canada; and October in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands) – this annual observance has sparked both celebratory acclaims and critical concerns.

This panel explores the genealogy of this celebration, and interrogates its relevance in a persisting context of systematic racism and structural inequalities. Conceived as a conversation between different generations of Black activists, it questions the current meaning and value – at both personal and institutional level – of this month-long celebration.

Watch the event recording


Kelly Foster, London Blue Badge Guide, Public Historian, Founding member of TRANSMISSION, a collective of archivists and historians of African descent

Nathan Richards, Digital historian, academic researcher, videographer, filmmaker, and journalist

Dr Jessica Jones Nielsen, City, SASS Associate Dean People & Culture


Dr Louisa Egbunike, Associate Professor in African/Caribbean Literature


Dr Jenny Mbaye, Co-Chair City NRJ


NRJ Podcast

1. Episode 1

In this inaugural podcast hosted by City University, journalism lecturer, Coral James O’Connor, City’s Network for Racial Justice (NRJ)explores the decision to change what was known as the BAME Network affinity group to the Network for Racial Justice. We speak to City University’s NRJ Co-Chairs Jenny Mbaye and Helen Langley and two further members of NRJ, Diana Yeh and Malla Pratt to understand the reasons for the change in name in challenging systemic racism present in higher education today.

2. Episode 2

This NRJ podcast features both professional services and academic staff speaking about the lived reality in higher education for black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues. Coral James O’Connor is joined by the Co-Chair of the NRJ and Senior Lecturer, Dr Jenny Mbaye, Professor Bobby Banerjee, Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise, Andrew Griffiths, Planning and Business Intelligence Officer and Dr Jessica Jones Nielson, Assistant Vice-President (Race Equality) all of whom spotlight their day-to-day experience at City, University of London.


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