Decolonising City- Developing Opportunities for Black Women

  At City, only 2% of our academic staff are Black. Decolonising City means discovering, denouncing and dismantling the barriers and systems that do not serve our institution and those within it. Since our submission and successful application to the Race Equality Charter in July last year, we have been working to put initiatives in […]

South Asian Heritage Month

South Asian Heritage Month is marked each year between 18th July and 17th August, first taking place in 2020. The South Asian Heritage Trust, who first conceived this month, outline that this heritage month seeks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian cultures, histories and communities. The dates of the month have significance: “The month […]

Our Road to Race Equity- Imagining an alternate existence.

  [image description: Senior Race Equality Officer smiling in front of Road to Race Equity exhibition in Pavillion, City University of London) By Natasha Mutch-Vidal On 29th July 2022 we concluded our application for the Race Equality Charter and pushed the submit button. Three years in the making, our journey to submitting the REC application […]

RealTalk@City Webinar: White Leadership and Allyship – Performative Vs Co-Conspirator – Lessons Learnt

By Tom Glynn (Senior EDI Officer (Charters and Data)) with Q&A contributions by Ruth Windscheffel (Panel speaker, Senior Lecturer Education Development, Deputy Director of the RISES Programme and Co-Chair of the Student subgroup on the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team) [LINK TO RECORDED WEBINAR – COMING SOON!]   In November 2021, City’s EDI team launched […]

Holding space for equity – the journey of City’s Student Support Services EDI Working Group

By Tom Glynn, Senior EDI Officer (Charters and Data) Before joining the EDI team at City, I was part of Student Support Services. As a manager of a front facing team supporting students, facilitating and encouraging open conversations around equality, diversity and inclusion was paramount to the successful delivery of the service and the development […]

Real Talk Webinar – White Leadership and Allyship – Performative vs Co-conspirator

Please check out our Upcoming Events page for more information and reading resources on the Webinar from 2 to 3 pm on 14th October 2021 on White Leadership and Allyship – Performative vs Co-conspirator: Challenges for White allies and PoC at City and what changes are needed at City.     Join using the Microsoft Teams […]

Black History Month at City and the ground reality

By Sabah Holmes, Race Equality Manager (Maternity Cover till 03rd January 2022)   We started Black History Month (BHM) with a Diversify Your Mind (DYM) club event at City on Radical Self-Care, learning more about it, its value and its roots in Black Feminism. We learnt about all the ways in which this is still […]

Poem: Reflections from a student and woman of colour who chose to challenge.

By Shaima Dallali, City, University of London Students Union Vice President (Community Wellbeing)   I sat and asked myself what ‘choosing to challenge’ means to me. Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion that the mere fact that I am a woman, is a choice to challenge. My existence in and of itself, is a […]

Re-imagining Higher Education: What of Joy?

By Natasha Mutch-Vidal, Senior EDI Officer (Race Equality)   For black people and people of colour, teaching and education is a political act rooted in antiracist struggle[1]. Our ancestors risked death finding ways to communicate while our knowledge and history was strategically erased. Our survival has been dependant on our ability to pass down knowledge. […]