Spotlight Stories from Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme

A mini-series of short videos called ‘Spotlight Stories’ on participants’ experiences of the Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme.

Hear about Professor Zoe Radnor and Tia Khan’s experiences of the Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme:

Spotlight Stories Short Film Series:

Dr Kavita Powley developed and launched the BAME staff and ExCo staff Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme in October 2019. The scheme provides a unique platform for BAME academic and professional services staff to strengthen their career goals, professional skills and achieve their full potential through the cultivation of cross-departmental and senior-led relationships. The scheme will also create an open and confidential dialogue on racial inequalities in HE and enable Senior Leaders to enhance their understanding of the potential cultural barriers faced by BAME staff. Research suggests that formal mentoring schemes in HEIs would benefit BAME staff regarding career progression, increased confidence and job satisfaction.

The Spotlight Stories were generously funded by the Advance HE Good Practice Grant, awarded to Dr Kavita Powley for her project titled:

Improving Inclusive Leadership through ExCo and BAME staff Reciprocal Mentoring: spotlight stories on the experiences of BAME mentors and White mentors.

Using ‘spotlight films’ as a storytelling method helps bring to life staff experiences, and powerfully highlight the importance of inclusive leadership and a more inclusive culture.

Kavita worked with Businesses owned by People of Colour for the training and to develop and produce the Spotlight Story videos. To achieve race equality it is important to diversify the suppliers we use in Higher Education and support Black owned businesses.

  • Diverse Minds provided the bespoke training on reciprocal mentoring, which covered language, mentoring skills and confidence in having uncomfortable conversations on race.
  • The Producers of It’s all Blakademik, an online show giving engaging black individuals a space to debate current affairs, created and produced the Spotlight Stories.