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The Return on Investment of Emotional Quotient (The ROI of EQ) – The Rajkumari Report – Apple podcast: Rajkumari Neogy has trained leaders at Google, Facebook, Adobe, Indeed and dozens of other high-power tech companies as an epigenetic coach and executive consultant. In her podcast, Rajkumari explores what it means to be a person in today’s workplace—cognitively, psychologically and emotionally—and how leaders can work toward building resilient office cultures. Through a series of in-depth interviews and conversations over multi-episode series, Rajkumari and her network of CEOs, HR leaders, researchers and coaches uncover how humans can bridge their left- and right-brain tendencies to yield a more coherent, empathetic world and connected workplace.


The six signature traits of inclusive leadership: Thriving in a diverse new world – Thriving in a diverse world (Transcript available to read):

What does it take for a leader to truly encourage diversity in the organization? And does diversity go beyond just talent? Juliet Bourke spoke with Tanya Ott on outdated leadership models, global mega-trends, and the six traits of inclusive leadership.


Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change in the 21st Century: Gulnar Vaswani, Chief Cultural Officer, discusses how global dynamics affect cultures and the workplace.

Authentic leadership is just being true to yourself: Leila is joined by Don Iro – Managing Director at Allteks Ltd. on the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global


  • Don’s personal background, from his upbringing in Nigeria through to his time in various C-suite level roles
  • The importance of digital frameworks and technology to adapting to the current Coronavirus crisis
  • How technology can be used to enhance inclusivity in the workplace
  • How crucial it is to be not only authentic but consistent as a leader in business


If you are a leader at the moment and are making decisions on behalf of an organisation, just stop and make sure you listen to all voices: Leila is joined by Simon Fillery – Modern Employer Consultant at GSK and Principal Consultant at SiFI Diversity on the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global


  • The “two halves” of Simon’s career, investment banking and latterly D&I
  • The three pillars of GSK’s ‘Modern Employer’ strategy: ‘Being you’, ‘Feeling good’ and ‘Keep growing’
  • Simon’s own personal tricks for surviving social distancing and self-isolation
  • The need to prioritise inclusion now more than ever


Diversity is being invited to a party, inclusion is being invited to dance and belonging is being able to change the music: Leila is joined byYulia O’Mahony – Former Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at John Lewis Partnership on the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global


  • Yulia’s career story to date, which has seen her go from working in the consulting space in Russia to heading up Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing for John Lewis Partnership
  • The differences in the ‘melting pot’ of nations between different international cultures
  • The three components essential to improving wellbeing in any organization


We are all human beings, we have to treat people equally and fairly: Leila is joined by Dianne Greyson – Managing Partner at Synergised Solutions, Director at Equilibrium Mediation Consulting and author on the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global


  • A ‘transformation bias’ product that Dianne has recently co-created, which is designed to tackle inherent bias
  • The recent release of Dianne’s book, Business Culture Review, where she analyses how companies treat employees, etc.
  • The importance of engaging with employees as fellow human beings and not just “resources” in order to understand their issues properly


What they can do is develop a culture that defaults to doing the right thing and defaults to doing the right thing for the business: Leila is joined by Ben Page, Chief Executive at Ipsos Mori, Visiting Professor at King’s College London and a Board Member of the King’s Fund and the Centre for Ageing Better on the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global


  • “The speed of the shock”: the tough times experienced by Ipsos Mori and many of their clients due to Coronavirus
  • The new role that technology is playing in Ben’s day to day working life
  • “I didn’t ever expect to be a Chief Executive”: How Ben went from studying history and not being sure what he wanted to do in life after university to working his way through the ranks to the very top at Ipsos Mori over the last 30 years
  • The importance of being a leader that employees can relate to (“great leaders selectively show their weaknesses” – Ronald Heifetz)
  • The link between a company’s a CSR policy and employee motivation/engagement: “People want to be part of something that’s more than themselves”


The Company Culture Podcast: reWorked: The Diversity and Inclusion Podcast’s Series 4, Episode 6: Building safe spaces and harnessing psychological safety. Securing an environment of respect in which your team is encouraged to think critically are essential threads weaving into the fabric of your inclusive culture. Feeling encouraged to speak up, challenge thoughts, and have difficult conversations are vital in workplaces – after all, the most cutting-edge, risk taking and creative of organisations stray away from a monolith of thinking and approaches. Feeling empowered to do this without facing embarrassment or hostility must be a given. We’re joined in this episode by EW Group experts, Sharla SmithNina Mayler and David Ruebain, to explore the increasingly debated topics of safe spaces and psychological safety. Hear how they approach these themes differently and discover why they think work cultures build on safety are key.


The Way We Lead | An Inclusive Leadership Podcast: The Way We Lead (TWWL) is a podcast about what it means to be a leader, an ally and an advocate for underrepresented folks. We feature real-world stories of inclusive leadership and allyship and highlight folks across industries, titles, and identities who use their influence to raise others up. Join us as we dig deep on topics of identity, power, and privilege and hopefully grow as allies in the process. Heads up: we do curse occasionally. Some research says it means we’re intelligent, but we mostly do it because we’re being our full authentic selves and don’t want to filter our thoughts on these topics.

Listen to specific episodes and explore more on The Way We Lead | An Inclusive Leadership Podcast:

S1E3: Understanding Intersectionality With Rehana Mohammed: What happens when a member of your family or community is NOT a good ally or worse, completely rejects us for who we are? Our long-time friend and DC Center for the LGBT Community’s Board Co-Chair, Rehana Mohammed joins us to talk about her intersectional identities. She also shows us how being an ally can get messy when you live in a tight-knit community, and provides tangible tips for how to ask for allyship when folks in that community aren’t quite getting it right.

Check out S1E3 episode notes for full speaker bios, episode highlights, links to references, and for a fully accessible interview transcript.

S1E4: How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces With Dalia Katan: Innovation strategist and entrepreneurDalia Katan is leading the conversation on how diversity and human connection can unlock untapped growth for organizations. Dalia joins us to share her practical research-based tips for creating workplace environments that can reduce prejudice and improve social cohesion across gender, race, ethnicity, and political ideologies. We also start to ask what it looks like to be a champion for underrepresented folks when we have a seat at the table.

Check out S1E4 episode notes for full speaker bios, episode highlights, links to references, and for a fully accessible interview transcript.