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City awarded €230k for a Food chain assessment project

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City University London has been awarded €230k for a project titled “Global and local food chain assessment: a multi-dimension performance-based approach” (GLAMUR). This grant follows the recent award of €151k for another EU collaborative project on “Harmonised environmental sustainability in the European food and drink chain” (SENSE).

The general objective of GLAMUR is to integrate advancement in scientific knowledge of the impact of food chains (with application of knowledge to practice) and to increase the sustainability of food chains through public policies and private strategies. Dr David Barling, Reader in Food Policy in the School of Health Sciences, is the key person responsible for the successful project application.

“We would like to congratulate Dr Barling for taking a leadership role in establishing and building up relations with lead European institutions on food policy. By pursuing international collaboration in this way, Dr Barling has helped to raise City’s profile as well as attracting funding for research,” said Dr Dilly Tawakkul, International Research Development Manager in the Research Office. “Dr Barling, with the support of his colleagues in the Centre for Food Policy, has attracted over €850k research income through EU-funded projects in the last three years and has built up a solid network for food policy studies with 23 different countries across Europe. His achievement is remarkable.”

This three-year project is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). Fifteen different partner institutions are involved covering ten countries across Europe. The total award for the project is €3 million.

FP7 is the EU’s main instrument for funding research in Europe. It is made up of four main blocks of activities forming four specific programmes: Cooperation, Ideas, People and Capacities. FP7 supports research in selected priority areas, including health, ICT, energy, environment, transport, security, social sciences and humanities. There are new calls for proposals every year and the deadlines are normally between October and April. For more information please follow the link:

The Work Programme for the next round is expected to be published around 20 July but the preparation has already begun. For more information and professional support, please contact Dr Dilly Tawakkul in the Research Office on

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