Tropical Island Adventure

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Take a tour of the Island of Laputare, where local government and businesses are kept busy handling everything from elections to environmental disasters. For the past 4 years this simulation has been running on a blog platform and in face to face sessions, it aims to challenge students as they learn about responsible management, giving them first hand experience of being a stakeholder in an idyllic yet volatile environment. Roz Sunley joined us at the Online Role Play event in November 2014, to share the Winchester University role play experience.

Points of interest

All 28 minutes of Roz’s talk is fascinating, but if you are short of time – or just want to find the gossip, I have picked out a few points of interest for you to hop straight to.

  • Scene 2      Roz’s inspiration to use role play
  • Scene 4      What the students said about the experience
  • Scene 13    Gossip, accidents and intrigue – how to use breaking news to create tension
  • Scene 15    Shrimps should be pink – real life protests
  • Scene 16    Benefits of first hand stakeholder experience
  • Scene16     How is the role play assessed?
  • Scene 20    Something new for next year ? That’s Crazy Talk

Watch here – Welcome to The Island of Laputare, Roz Sunley, City 2014


Laputare Interface


The recording was made using City’s lecture capture system, here you can watch and listen, you can move around the session using the controls bottom left – or – via the slides. The recording will open in a  new window and you may see an holding page, just click play to watch.

This recording is part of a series made at the event in November 2014, you can find the whole series and more here: Role Play at City




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