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What went down in first year

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First year seems so far away; getting to grips with living away for the first time, cooking a few meals (buying a few more pizzas), managing my own timetable, making friends, finding paid work, budgeting, oh and how could I forget learning? The life of a first year student is both exhilarating and all-consuming. On an average day I would wake up, get ready, make breakfast following this well-known recipe: 

  1. Take out bowl, cereal and milk 
  1. Pour cereal in to bowl 
  1. Follow with milk  
  1. Stir and enjoy  

Followed by a short walk to university where I was greeted by a maze of lecture rooms. Shortly after I had located the room, the lecture would start and I would frantically note every word they said as I tried to soak in every drop of knowledge. Luckily, most lectures are captured for consumption at a later date, and can be a vital tool for those with auditory learning styles. Often another lecture, or lunch would follow where you’d eat lavishly at one of the food outlets on campus, or have microwave leftovers – solely dependent on whether your loan has “dropped”, as mentioned in many student memes:  

Then we might have another lecture or be free to do as we please. Usually I would book in a shift at work on those days, with the plethora of paid opportunities available to us as students at City. Work can vary drastically from delivering campus tours to mentoring college students beginning their university journey  – I’ll dedicate an entire post to working whilst being a student another time.  

After this long day, I would typically return to my flat, make a fool out of myself copying a Just Dance video on YouTube, make dinner than do a tad bit of revision or file away the notes I’d made that day. I wanted to keep on top of my learning, as the information from first year creates a stable foundation for learning to come. As a future Speech and Language Therapist this foundation has a heightened need, as I will use what I’ve learnt for the rest of my working life.  

After this I would fall in to a deep sleep, to a different schedule the next day as the university timetable differs daily.


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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my little post here on City, University of London’s website!

I am currently a second-year student studying Speech and Language Therapy, with a few weeks of learning left before the exam season commences – university life goes very fast! Let me rewind a little to explain how I got here in the first place.

I started university in September 2016, along with 1000s of other undergraduates; some finding their feet in this city for the first time, and others using a different route on city mapper. I am of the latter category, but I prefer Google Maps. Each one of us started with a unique story, at least 18 years of experience built up behind us and a desire to expand on that. My experience was slightly longer in fact, as I spent a year pursing a qualification in Business Administration, whilst working within the hub of TV and Film. During my second year away from formal education, I began working for a social enterprise that helped young people start their own businesses.

Then I started university, fresh faced and ready to absorb all the information that I could. You might wonder what inspired the change from Business to Speech and Language, and a few key reasons that stand out to me are being able to work in an environment where I was able to empower and help others, a career where I would be constantly learning and having work that varies on a day to day basis.

Everything that I expected has come true, we are constantly learning (even on placement) and everything we learn varies on a day to day basis. On Monday we could be learning about swallowing difficulties and then an hour later I would be learning how to teach a child about differentiating between a /t/ and /k/. Even on placement, I am often seeing children with voice difficulties in the morning then travelling to a primary school to have a language session with a child. I have not had one boring day on placement!

As I continue with my amazing journey here at City, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of what I enjoy doing around the university, how my life as a student is and other things I am involved in.

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