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The Start of Something New…

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So it’s that time, that time when you will be handed an unnecessarily large envelope that will determine your future (no pressure). For most of you out there anticipating (or dreading) results day, receiving your A-Level or BTEC grades will ultimately determine what university you choose to go to, so nerves are a given. The uncertainty is bound to not just give you butterflies but house an entire swarm of insects, or at least that’s how I remember feeling.

I remember the anxiousness leading up to the day, and the small things that would remind you results day is closer than you think. The awkward “so when are your results coming out” questions you’d get from relatives and friends. The UCAS emails reminding you to get your university stuff sorted. The sleepless night the day before where you and your classmates would hit up your group chat with all the emojis you can find to express how nervous you are.

While that sounds incredibly daunting, it’s also very exciting. I know I know, this is all coming from someone who’s already been through it (and thankfully made it out alive) but it truly is very exciting. You are now at the cusp of a new journey. Regardless of how you do, this is the start of something new (to quote Troy and Gabriella from a respected educational establishment known as East High). Hence, to help you make the most of this pivotal moment in your life, here are a few tips…

1. It doesn’t hurt to have a decent outfit on the morning you go to collect your results. It’s an exciting day for you, your worn-out teachers and your college that have earned the bragging rights to your grades too. Most likely, they will wander around with cameras, trying to piece together a group of cheerful students, representing every ethnicity. If you’re lucky, they might pick you and make you take an awkward photo like mine:

2. On a more serious note, remember not to compare your success with that of your peers. If you are satisfied with the grade you received and achieved your targets, that is all that matters. It’s easy to fall into a comparative spiral and lose faith in your own accomplishments, but this is YOUR hard work! The result of your long hours at the library perfecting your coursework, your extravagantly coloured exam notes that make no sense to anyone but you, and your relentless determination to make it through college. Own it! Embrace it!

3. Most importantly, no matter what grades you receive, this is only just the beginning. Whether you are satisfied with your grades or not, remember that there are so many options available to you from here on out so take a moment to explore them. There is still so much ahead of your journey, so remain optimistic. I’m positive your future is bright.

The Summer Before Starting University

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Your A-Level exams are ending soon, and the long summer awaits you before university begins. You have been anticipating these alarm-clock free mornings and that sweet satisfaction of crossing of the last exam boldly marked on your calendar. Some of your friends are off travelling, volunteering or even working. While that all sounds great, some of us are still wondering what to fill these months up with. Having an unplanned summer can make things a little anti-climactic, but do not let that get you down. We have a few tips to help make the most of your vacations.

1. Travel, obviously!

Although this is a given, planning a trip does not have to be something out of our budget. As Groupon and Wowcher taught us, we can save a whole lot on local getaways that will get our Instagram feed looking summery. Make the most of them!

2. Find a healthy balance between binge watching Netflix and going out.

While it is tempting to hibernate at home and break the world record for watching a series in a short space of time, space out those episodes. Schedule in some time to go out and enjoy the sun with friends and family, don’t just rot at home.

3. Take up a new hobby.

As cliché as it sounds, finally capitalise of this free time and take up that one hobby you always wanted to try. You might discover that you are basically Picasso. But do not be too disheartened if you paint like a two-year-old, we know it’s been awhile.

4. If you are just starting university, visit the campus!

Ideally before getting here on the first day, this would have really eased the continual mishaps involving walking in to the wrong room, or being in the wrong building!

5. Sort out your living situation.

For those living away from home, take the time to plan where you will be living in the upcoming year. Visit the accommodation and the local supermarkets to cut down on take-out costs; I highly recommend Chapel Market for your fruit and vegetables. You can find Facebook groups or forums of other students who are going to live there, which may ease any anxiety about making new friends. If you luck out, you might find someone living in the same flat as you.

Come and visit us at City, we have tours every week:

Fasting during Exam Season

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So, the blessed month of Ramadan has arrived. For those of you curious about what this month entails beyond starvations and dehydration, this month honours the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). Abstaining from food, drink and sin from sunrise to sunset (approximately 18 hours) commemorates this month with a lot of effort, but it is worth the struggle. Fasting is attached to numerous health revelations and more significantly, reaffirms one’s faith in God –bringing us to a whole new level of zen that yoga sessions touch on.


This year, Ramadan falls on one of the busiest months for students, exam season. While us Muslim students intend on making full use of the dua (supplications) privileges we gain from fasting, the struggle of revising and fasting remains very real. To get you through this time, here are 7 tips and tricks on how to make the most of this month:


  1. Eat well, sleep well.

Eating the right food for iftaar (breakfast) and sahoor (the meal at sunset) is vital for ensuring you stay fresh and energised for as much of the day as possible. Since we both know staying away from fried food is nearly impossible –because let’s face it, who has that kind of self-control? Instead, just limit it. Concentrate on consuming foods rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, fruits and vegetables.


  1. Hydration is key.

Ration your water intake between eating hours. Aim to drink at least 1.5 litres in total because the more hydrated you are the more concentrated you will be.


  1. Change up your routine.

Make use of your optimum energy highs. After sahoor or iftaar works well, so schedule study sessions of difficult topics earlier on in the day when you have more energy and brain power.


  1. Diversify your study strategy.

Use visual cues to stimulate our mind, like flashcards and mind-maps. If you can stand the sound of your own voice, recorded voice notes work well too.


  1. Friends that fast/study together, stay together.

Make the most of studying with friends and classmates to help pass the time with collective agony and banter.


  1. Reality check.

Attending every gathering and event is tempting but you need to allocate your time wisely. Set realistic goals aim to work towards them without compromise.


  1. Find strength in spirituality.

As stressful as this period is, remember this is month is a blessing. Remind yourself why you are fasting to stay motivated and remember to keep up with your prayers and make lots of dua for your exams, you got this!

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