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When you’re not making money moves…

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gif of Cardi B saying "I make money moves."

University can be extremely taxing on your wallet, especially if you are moving out or have a lengthy commute. These financial demands are exacerbated when you are studying at a London based university, as London is not a ‘university town’ and many people flock to the capital city each year, so the demand on this geographically-minute area increases. In order to combat these financial woes, here are some of the things I do to save money at university:


  1. Travel

As I commute to university by bus I purchase a bus pass on my Student Oyster Card. The Student Oyster card saves 30% on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets. I manage to save around £25 per month by buying a bus pass, instead of using pay as you go.

I have also combined my 16-25 Railcard with my Oyster card, which means I save 34% on pay as you go and off-peak train fares and daily caps. Other tips include travelling at off-peak times and avoiding zone 1 on the train. If you are doing a health-related course it may be possible to be reimbursed for travel costs on placement.


  1. Food

Food is definitely an area where savings can be made, from simply bringing a packed lunch to putting groceries in the freezer so food does not spoil quickly. I often purchase groceries from larger supermarkets instead of their smaller equivalents such as ‘Tesco Express’ where items of food are priced up.

Cooking your own food really helps, and when you’re in the mood for a take-away pizza just bung a frozen one in the oven. I admit I am not the finest of chefs, so I sometimes alternated cooking with my flatmate or split the costs of ingredients to avoid having spaghetti for 5 nights in a row.


  1. Mentality

A lot of restraint is needed when your overdraft and savings are just a tap away. I have been there holding a flask of coffee enviously staring at barista made lattes, or standing in the microwave queue to heat up my lunch when the aroma from the canteen seeps up my nose. To avoid spending too much, I try not to buy when I am hungry or leave my card at home and take cash.


There are countless things you can do to save money whilst at university, the key is to stick to your methods. What are some of the things you do to save money?

Here is an entire blog dedicated to finances and being a student:

Wake me up When September Ends

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Let’s be real for a moment, September sucks! Out of all the months in the year, it is the one month that feels like it goes on for decades. You’re trapped between the crippling stages of new beginning and the exasperating endings of all the chores and errands you planned to finally do this summer. Classes start again before you have had the chance to complete your holiday homework. The entire month is an endless debate of whether you should take out your winter clothes from storage or delay packing away your summer clothes just yet. But in a desperate attempt to cling onto the summer, we’re going to dress for the summer till October.

As difficult as this month is, we have a few things to look forward to in September. I’m sure you don’t believe me so here’s a list of things that make September bearable, evidenced with gifs…

1. Hello Autumn.

The best season of all is somewhat upon us in September. So you know what that means…

2. Bring out the September playlists!

From Greenday to Frank Sinatra, there are some killer songs that will collectively get us through the antagonising month we dread so much. Turn those tunes up and embrace this month!

3. New episodes of your favourite shows!

To ease you into the transition from vacation to routine, dwell in the imaginary lives of the characters from your favourite shows or roast everyone auditioning for x factor.

4. Dressing for every season!

As much as we have the indecisive weather here, this month is a great month to mix and match your wardrobe. Layer that dress with a sweater and call it a fashion statement and not a desperate attempt to cling onto the summer.

5. Reunite with your besties.

Back to school and work means back to routine. Yes, that sounds terrible but it also means to get to reunite with your besties because they can’t ditch you and go on holidays! You’re stuck with me forever guys!

What ever you decide to do this month I hope you have fun!

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