Take part?

The project is now fully recruited.

There are no more spaces in this project.

We hope to carry out more research projects in the future. If you might be interested, do contact me (sarah.northcott@city.ac.uk)



Who is taking part in SOFIA?

32 people are taking part.


  1. Has aphasia

  2. Is over 18 years old

  3. Had a stroke at least 6 months ago

  4. Lives in the London area


What does the study involve?

  1. Answering questionnaires designed for people with aphasia

  2. Taking part in an interview to discuss how you found the project

  3. Receiving the therapy (up to 6 sessions), either straight away or after a delay of 6 months.

There are about 12 visits in total.

The Participant Information Sheet tells you more about the project SOFIA Participant Information Sheet-2b2scv0



If you are interested, please contact me on 020 7 040 3186 or email me sarah.northcott@city.ac.uk