Interested in improving services and research on maternal and child health?

We are looking for parents or parents-to-be who want to be involved in our research to improve the health of children and their families.  You can participate through email, Skype, phone or by coming to our meetings.  We meet every second month in central London and can pay any reasonable travel costs for those who travel within London. We will pay £15/hour for your help.

Topics we may ask your view on include

  • Different types of care for mother and baby, including home births or care led by midwives
  • Services and treatments for mental health during and after pregnancy
  • Community services that promote health and wellbeing


The advisory group is run by members of the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research.  The Centre carries out high quality research that aims to improve the health and care of women, children, families and communities.  We understand the close relationship between mothers’ and children’s health, and how flourishing communities as well as good health care are important for keeping us all healthy.  For more information on our centre, click here.


You can follow us on Twitter by following @City_CMCHRAdGrp and join our Facebook group City University London Advisory Group for Maternal and Child Health Research.