Your involvement

This page will tell you more about what to expect from the meetings.

Who will be at the meeting?

5-8 parents or parents-to-be will be invited to each meeting where you will also meet Ellinor, Ryc (who is in charge of our Facebook page and Twitter account) and one or two researchers.

What will we talk about?

Each meeting focuses on two topics, such as mental health, group antenatal care, pre-term birth or recruitment of participants for studies (click here for more details on current projects).  You will be told of the topics beforehand.  We might ask for your thoughts on

  • research ideas (is this research a good idea?)
  • procedures (for example when and how to recruit mums and dads to a study)
  • measurements (for example different surveys)
  • services and support (how would this support help women/families?)
  • sharing research findings (how do we tell health professionals, mothers and families about what we have found?)theo1

When does the meeting start?

Most meetings start at 6pm, with sandwiches served from 5.30pm.  Ellinor will confirm these timings before the meeting.

Do I need to register?

Yes! We only have limited spaces for each meeting, so you need to register as early as possible with Ellinor, 0207 040 5468 or

I can’t come to the meeting, can I still participate? 

Absolutely. Register with Ellinor and she will contact you about other opportunities; you can take part via Skype, email or phone.