City Loves Recycling! Photo Competition


Calling all budding photographers!

Would you like the chance to showcase your photography skills whilst promoting key waste and recycling messages? The Point is offering you the opportunity to do just that. We are looking for original, creative and imaginative photos that capture one or more of the following:

  •  Recycling in action at City
  • Re-use in action at City
  • Students recycling and conserving resources


To enter

 Take a photo showing one or more of the above mentioned themes

  1. Write a brief description, caption or tagline about the photo
  2. E-mail it to by midnight Sunday 18thth November 2012


  • The photos must clearly show that they were taken at City and capture at least one of the given themes
  • Photos must be original and not edited in any way (i.e. the use of photoshop and other similar software is prohibited)
  • Entrants must be current City University students
  • A maximum of 3 photos can be submitted per person and each photo should be no more than 1MB in size
  • All photos (and short description/caption) should be submitted via e-mail to by midnight Sunday 18th November 2012
  • All entries will be uploaded onto the City Environment Facebook Page into an album called “Photo Contest 2012” on the 19th of November 2012.
  • Any photo that does not meet the given criteria will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be decided by votes. To vote, simply “like” your favourite photo. The photo with the most likes wins! Voting will close on the 25th of November at Midnight. Winners will be announced in the week beginning  26th of November 2012.


 1st Place:         £50 Amazon voucher

2nd Place:         £25 Amazon voucher

3rd Place:         £15 Amazon voucher

 All winning photographs will be displayed in the refectory or main walkway after Green City Week.

 Five randomly selected voters also stand the chance of winning a prize!



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