Love Food Hate Waste…Save £££! North London Waste Authority shows us how!

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This week, Toby Jones from the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) ran two interactive and informative sessions on the impact of food waste on the environment (and our finances of course!) and practical steps we can take to reduce our food waste. These included:

  • Food storage tips
  • The difference between “Best before”, “Use by”, “Sell by” and “Display until” dates
  • Creative ways to use leftovers

There were lots of freebies on offer including spaghetti measures, bag clips, fun recipes and tapwater bottles! The “Portion Guessing” game also proved quite popular.

If you couldn’t make these session, don’t worry there are more to come! Look out for Toby during Fairtrade Fortnight 25th February to 10th March 2013

If you live in North London, be sure to take part in NLWA’s “It Pays to Plan Challenge” a chance to reduce your food waste, save money and win prizes! Competition closes on the 28th of February 2013.  Enter now!!!


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