Green Impact: Summary of Achievements 2012-13


Today’s annual Awards Ceremony with special guest, Dusty Gedge, marked the end of a very successful year in Green Impact at City:

Here’s what we achieved this year through Green Impact:

  • 22 teams took part, (7 of which were new) completing a total of 1054 greening actions across the university which contributed towards City achieving a 1st class in the People and Planet Green League.
  • By completing certain criteria such as raising energy awareness, the teams also potentially saved an estimated 18231kg of Carbon dioxide and £2848 across the institution.
  • 2 Teams achieved the highest award level: “Platinum”; 3 teams achieved “Gold”, 4 teams achieved “Silver”, 10 achieved “Bronze” and 3 the “Working towards Accreditation award”
  • 7 students completed their placement as Green Impact Project Assistants and between supported 10 teams.
  • 34 students received IEMA accredited training course provided by the National Union of Students (Introduction to Auditing and Evaluating Environmental Behaviour Change) to carry out Green Impact Audits.
  • All the students involved gained valuable skills to enhance their employability including: Project Management, Leadership, Effective communication, Team development and Time management.

For more information about Green Impact and the various award winners for this year, please visit the Green Impact page.

If you are interested in taking part in Green Impact, please contact the Environment Team at





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