Students Union wins funding for Sustainability Projects


Congratulations to our Students’ Union for being awarded funding by the NUS from the Students’ Green Fund to support student-led sustainability projects. Titled “Green Dragons”, this initiative will allow City students to apply for between £500 and £5000 to fund their own projects.Each project proposal will need to be accompanied by a video and a business plan that students will be given support and training to develop. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel and once approved, uploaded onto a specially designed pledge site.
Using a similar model to schemes like Kickstarter, successful proposals will need to gain enough pledged support from other students before they are awarded their funding. Pledges can range from something as small as supporting the project through a tweet, to committing to a certain level of volunteering. This model will mean that while an impressive 160 students may be directly involved in the project, a further 1300 may also be indirectly involved through the pledging system.

Look out for more information on Green Dragons this September!


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