Fancy a free cycle-led ride from City?


A series of cycle-led rides will be taking place at City from February through May. The first of these will take place on Wednesday 25th February 2015 (10:30 and 15:00) and will uncover some of Islington’s secrets on the way to Alliance House and Liberty Hall.

All abilities are welcome – whether you’re a cycle fanatic or a total beginner. Bikes are provided if you need one. Join expert cyclists on a fun led ride and discover new routes near the City campus.

This London by Bike event includes a leisurely one-hour ride with frequent stops and a voucher for lunch or dinner at the end. For all who participate in one of the led rides, there will be a prize draw for £150 at the end of each day.

Free bike maintenance will also be available on the day from 9:00-17:00, so bring your bike along to have your wheels, brakes, gears, tyre pressure and more checked over.

You’ll also have an opportunity to chat with fully qualified instructors about bikes, routes, safety tips and try on the spot cycle training to help you feel more confident on a bike.

Book your ride at

Event to take place outside main entrance at University Building, Northampton Square.

For more information about cycling at City, please visit


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