Sustainable City Week 2017

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Campus was a hive of activity during Sustainable City Week 2017 as we celebrated all things sustainable!

We kicked the week off by transforming CityBar into a pedal-powered cinema! Fuelled with free popcorn and nachos, students and staff powered the entire screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them with just six bicycles!

Returning for the second time this year, the Big City Swap gave students and staff a chance to get rid of their pre-loved items and swap for something else. Those who didn’t have anything to swap could also pick up items for a donation to charity. In total we saw over 90 items swapped and raised £86.89 for Life for African Mothers!

Wednesday saw the return of our lip and beard balm workshop. We used the beeswax from our hives to make the balms and added some essential oils for extra aroma!

Throughout the week we had lots of stalls on the walk way, including the North London Waste Authority who shared some great tips about reducing food waste. We welcomed Traidcraft who sell a fantastic range of Fairtrade products, and Eat Grub who brought in some edible bugs for us to try as an alternative (and more sustainable) source of protein! What do you think, would you eat crickets?!

On Thursday we invited The Refurbished Bicycle Specialists to campus who sold second hand bikes from as little as £50. Alongside our monthly free bike maintenance checks, we have a range of facilities on campus for cyclists so check them out here.

Finally we finished off our almighty green week with the Great City Bake Off! Bakes had to include a sustainable element: free-range eggs, organic, Fairtrade or locally-sourced ingredients and we invited SU President, Olesea and Executive Chef, Alan to judge the competition. The results were close, but the show-stopper of the day was a trio of edible flower-pots made with three different types of cake!

Phwoar what a week! To check out all the photos visit our Facebook page, and let us know what you thought. Have you got any ideas for what you’d like to see next year? We can’t wait for Sustainable City Week 2018 already!


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