Go the extra mile!

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Fancy running a campaign, event or project in your team but not sure what? We’ve put together a list of projects which staff have done over the past few years to give you some inspiration!


Extra Mile projects are all about doing something in your own department to raise awareness of, or tackle, a sustainability issue. It’s a great opportunity to engage the rest of your team, make a difference at City or in the local community and do something fun!

To find out more about how Extra Mile projects work, visit the Staff Hub here. Don’t forget, you can get in touch with the Sustainability Team for ideas, support and funding – simply email us at sustainable_city@city.ac.uk




Easy and simple to do projects

  • Organise a sustainable bake off – it could be using ingredients which are Fairtrade, locally/home-grown, seasonal, organic or food cooked with as little energy as possible
  • Switch to buying Fairtrade tea and coffee – you could organise a tasting event for the department
  • Set up a waste collection in your department e.g. batteries, stamps, foreign coins, books
  • Deliver a communications campaign to your team/students to raise awareness about a sustainability issue e.g. a series of tweets, blog post, poster campaign, quiz, crossword competition etc.
  • Run a computer switch off campaign in your office
  • Host a packaging-free lunch and encourage your team to bring in a lunch without any packaging
  • Encourage your department to ditch the disposables – promote the 30p discount for drinks purchased with a reusable cup, request china from all hospitality orders, promote local bottle refill points, set up a plastic bag reuse point in the office, remind staff to say no to plastic straws and cutlery, raise the issue at a team meeting
  • Switch to using non-bleached paper in the department
  • Commit to ordering majority vegetarian food from hospitality – set up a process or agreement in the department
  • Consolidate your deliveries


A little bit more challenging

  • Organise a volunteer day for you and your team – staff have access to 2 days volunteering leave. Get in touch with the Volunteering Service or Organisational Development for more information and guidance about this.
  • Host a Fairtrade event e.g. cheese and wine evening, coffee tasting, chocolate truffle making, Fairtrade-based games, film-screening. Fairtrade Fortnight takes place in the last week of February and the first week of March each year.
  • Introduce Meatless Mondays into your office – you could hold a competition, keep a tally, share vegetarian recipes or recommended vegetarian food from favourite cafes/shops
  • Host a film screening of an environmental film or documentary
  • Organise a lunchtime talk for your team about a sustainable issue – you could invite an external speaker to speak



  • Develop some induction materials for new starters to tell them about sustainability in your department
  • Organise an event for staff/students during Sustainable City Week e.g. a swap shop. It usually takes place at the end of October or the beginning of November each year.
  • Develop a sustainability map of the area – it could include things like clean commuter routes, where to shop or eat sustainably, or local parks/wildlife hotspots
  • Go paper-free in your department and encourage lecturers to produce/share materials online rather than via hard copies

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