Guilt-free glitter!

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We love glitter, and now that the festival season is approaching, it’s everywhere!

But how can you add extra sparkle without costing the Earth?

Conventional glitter contains microplastics which often end up in the ocean, damaging marine wildlife and polluting our seas. Even though you can buy biodegradable glitter, it is currently only 92% plastic-free. A 100% plastic-free and completely biodegradable version is in the final stages of research and development, but it is not yet available to the public.

We’ve found that synthetic mica powder is a good alternative. It is the same sparkles that Lush use in their products. Mica powder is a mineral, and when coated with oxide it creates a shimmering effect. Different colours are achieved by adding more coats of oxide.

After doing some research, we found that there are often problems associated with the mining process of natural mica, commonly child labour amongst other human rights issues, so we suggest using synthetic mica powder which is made in a lab. It is safe to apply to your face although we always recommend checking the application guidelines first!

We’ll be using synthetic mica powder at our Glitter station at the City 125 party on 4th April. Find out more about the event here, and join us in the celebrations!




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