Wow, what a week!


Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first Global Goals Week: five days packed full of free workshops and activities for students and staff to discover more about the UN Global Goals and what we can do to help deliver them!

We kicked off on the Monday taking action for gender equality with our workshop to stitch mini banners with CityUniWomen, and also took some time out with the Chaplaincy and Student Counselling and Mental Health Service at their mindfulness and meditation.

On the Tuesday some members of staff went plogging along the Canal and collected 2 bags full of litter! We also had a packed room for our panel discussion who debated if City should go meat free.

Throughout the rest of the week we enjoyed a talk from Extinction Rebellion about climate action, a film screening of Artifishal hosted by the Economics Society exploring life below water, a beehive visit and lip balm making workshop and a number of great pop-ups on the walkway!

The 17 UN Global Goals aim to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality by 2030. City and the SU have signed up to take action to deliver the goals. Read more about supporting the goals:

Students: how can you support the UN Global Goals? >

Staff: Supporting the Global Goals at City >




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