Trade fair to combat climate change

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Trade fair to combat climate change
Unjust in its impacts
By Ridwan A (Sustainability Leader)

The issue of climate change is a growing one for our generation, who have the means to combat it. Buying Fairtrade products is one way to do so. Not only is it an ethical means of production; it also strives to alleviate the harms caused by climate change.

The harmful effects of climate change, such as less fertile land and extreme weather, are disproportionately impacting farmers in the lower hemisphere of our planet. A group who has done little to contribute towards causing it.

Climate justice is the Fairtrade organisations way of helping farmers tackle climate issues. The Fairtrade premium farmers are paid can be invested into the community, developing infrastructure to cope with the changes. Eco-friendly Fairtrade standards also ban deforestation, commit to reducing carbon footprints and protect biodiversity.

The Sustainability team at City, a certified Fairtrade university, is pushing for positive change and would like to direct you to: the upcoming Fairtrade fortnight, which seeks to raise awareness about this particular issue and inform you of how you can help. It will be running from the 22nd February to 7th March 2021.


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