Using the toolkit

This toolkit was designed by LEaD to help City staff plan and design their teaching for online delivery in the academic year 20/21.

How to use this toolkit​

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As per guidance from Professor Rachael-Anne Knight Associate Dean Education Excellence and Innovation & Professor of Phonetics
The decision to move to online learning for much of our delivery in 2020/21 means that teaching and learning activities have to be rethought, as some existing methods are removed and others become available.  The University has agreed overarching principles for the delivery of teaching and learning in the coming academic year.  This toolkit is aligned with those principles and focuses on the online aspects of delivery. 

It is important that we don’t try to recreate our normal face to face delivery when teaching online, as this tends not to provide an optimal student experience. There are a number of general considerations, based on the literature, and the University principles, which should be borne in mind when designing our programmes and modules: 

  • Prioritise asynchronous delivery of lecture content to ensure material is accessible to all students regardless of their circumstances 
  • Use only City supported technologies, and ensure students can practice using these technologies early in their programme  
  • Ensure that students get regular feedback 
  • Provide students with activities so they can construct their own learning 
  • Make sure that students have ample opportunity to interact and collaborate with staff and students, so that learning is a social process.

This toolkit provides a suggested structure for your teaching online and some possible activities with links to how to guidance and examples.  We recommend that you:

  1. Review your curriculum learning outcomes and assessment. Decide what you need students to learn each week in order to meet the learning outcomes and be able to complete their assessments.
  2. Map out your teaching for each week.  You may want to apply the template:  Present, apply, review to break up the activities for each week. You can use the module planner from CoDesigns or the ABC curriculum design approach using the online Teams planner or the Learning Designer tool to map out your whole course.
  3. Break down each section into the specific activities and resources students will complete and what feedback they will receive.​  See examples on the pages present, apply, review and case studies.
  4. Go through the checklist to make sure you have covered everything.
  5. Use the LEaD workshops and LEaD guidance to increase your confidence in using educational technology to engage and support students.
  6. Share and discuss ideas or queries on the TEAMS online teaching community.

Please also check our online learning and teaching FAQ

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