Activity to clarify, ensure understanding and to practice and check recall.

Please also check our online learning and teaching FAQ

Learning type: Discussion, Practice
Possible activities: Moodle quiz, H5P, group discussion, PollEverywhere, small group teaching activity.


Learning type: Discussion
Moodle forum, Moodle chat, Webinar session using Teams or Zoom,
Recording of facilitating synchronous teaching online workshop
Recording of breakout room activities workshop
OneNote template for small group activities

Requires the learner to articulate their ideas and questions, and to challenge and respond to the ideas and questions from the teacher, and/or from their peers.

This can be done asynchronously using a Moodle forum or chat or synchronously using Teams or Zoom.  There are several examples of small group discussion activities which can work both asynchronously or synchronously on the small group teaching blog.

Feedback can be provided by peers or the teacher verbally or in writing to the whole group to smaller groups or individually. Online forums can be even more productive than conventional tutorials as more students may contribute.

Learning type: Practice
Tools: Moodle Lesson Activity, Moodle H5P activity, Moodle quiz, PollEverywhere,
Details: Content (text, html links, images and video) can be interspersed with quiz questions.  Students can receive instant feedback on the application of their knowledge and lecturers can gain information on common areas of misconception.  Quizzes can be formatively or summatively assessed to encourage student participation.



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