Educational software recommender tool ‘launched’ today

Today saw the unveiling of an online tool to help teachers and learning technologists to identify software to support particular pedagogic approaches, or to highlight the pedagogic uses of specific software. It currently has only 40 or so entries, but we will be working on it to add more and to include other features, such as case studies and help guides. There are several ways to filter the list of applications according to specific requirements, and we will be adding new categories as time goes on. We also have plans to create similar pages for hardware and Moodle functionality in the near future. 


The tool was developed by me and two other City colleagues, James Toner (City Law School) and Farzana Latif (School of Health Sciences). You can find it at We hope that this will become a resource that people can use to get ideas and share feedback about how specific software can help support pedgogic activities, we would be very interested in any comments, feedback or tool suggestions you may have.

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