Written by: Anisa Khatun, 2nd year LLB student

                                                                                                                   What is networking?

Networking is interacting with people to gain information about a particular job, news, or business. Networking is a key component for those seeking a career in the legal sector. This is because lawyers are expected to network with new people and secure new business deals for their firm. Lawyers tend to do this by attending conferences or events.


City Law Fair

City, University of London provides students with the opportunity to develop their networking skill by holding the Law and Social Science Fair. This is where students can meet recruiters and employers and find out what opportunities are available for them and answer any questions that you may have. City, University of London provides students with a rare chance to make an impression on what could be your potential future employer.

How to prepare for networking events?

One of the best ways to prepare for networking events is to be organised. Before the event make sure you know who is attending and research the firm beforehand. Utilise website such as The Legal 500 and Legal Cheek. This is a great way to make a good impression on the representative of the firm.

During my first year of my LLB degree, I signed up for the Law and Social Science Fair. I then received an email from the Careers team who informed me that they had a preparation session that was sponsored by Pinsent Masons. This session covered on the do’s & don’ts at a career fair, how to research organisations and making a good impression.

In addition, every student should create a LinkedIn account as this is a platform where you can speak to people after the event. After every networking event make sure you get their names and connect with them on LinkedIn. Remember to send a message to those you meet a day after the event so they remember who you are because it will make it easier to fix up a coffee meeting in the future.

Law Firm Open Day

Many Law firms have introduced First Year Open Day and First Year Insight Scheme for those in their first year of their LLB degree. Those who are successful with their application have the chance to spend a day at a Law firm where you will be introduced to experienced lawyers, trainees and the graduate recruitment team. This is another opportunity for students to network and find more information about a career in the legal sector.

Networking is important because it helps you to build connections and provides you with new opportunities. Employers tend to look for this skill during interviews and assessment centres, so it is always best to develop this skill from early on.

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