Hi! My name is Anisa, and I am a Second Year LLB student


I decided to study at The City Law School because of many reasons. The City Law School has an academic reputation as well as many outstanding alumni. I wanted to study under the best minds hence I knew The City Law School was for me.


Firstly, the location stood out for me when deciding to study at The City Law School. The best thing about the university is that it is right in the centre of London. I am easily able to get around London to attend employer events, open days at Law firms or work experience. Since, the Law School is based in a central location it has proved to be a huge benefit for my course. As a result, it makes travelling easier as I am not restricted to certain areas. Also, I knew by attending City, University of London it has a friendly community and I will feel comfortable whilst attending University.

Specific pathway

The City Law School provides students with the opportunity to enter into a specialised pathway. Students need to have at least 4 15-credit modules in order to acquire their respective degree titles. This stood out to me because I want to specialise with LLB Law with Commercial Law, and I know this will be a unique way for me to stand out from other candidates when applying for future jobs.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Furthermore, The City Law School provides students with the opportunity to get involved in pro bono opportunities. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their CV as well as develop key transferable skills. The City Law School provides students to get real-life legal practice by volunteering with a variety of organisation and advice clinics. Students at The City Law School are given the chance to participate in clinical legal education which not only is a way to give back to society, but it will help students to enhance their professional skills.

Career Opportunities and Events

In addition, The City Law School ensures that students are updated with the latest events and opportunities that is available for them. Students are regularly informed to check the Moodle platform where events, talks and job opportunities are released. The City Law School not only ensures that students are given the right support with their degree but they ensure that students are provided with a variety of opportunities to enhance their career prospectus.

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