I volunteered at the Civil Legal Advice Clinic as a student advisor.

The responsibilities of a student advisor were varied, from interviewing clients on their matters, writing chronologies to send to the solicitor advisor, organising Zoom meetings between the client and solicitor, writing attendance notes after the solicitor meeting, and writing letters of advice or supportive letters for clients under supervision.

The range of activities meant that I was developing organisational, writing, and research skills, and gaining confidence in interviewing clients. Doing the pro bono scheme at the time tied in great to what I was learning on the LPC. For example, I already had lessons in interviewing and advising.

Being part of the clinic meant I was working with other students and could share ideas and responsibilities on cases. It was also great because each client brought a different legal matter for me to get to know and look into. No one matter was the same. Overall the clinic was great for my self-development as we were left to our own initiative and time management of a client matter but throughout the whole experience, I felt I was supported by our supervisors who were always ready to help me.

Written by Melanie, LLB and LPC graduate at The City Law School.

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