Why did you choose to study the LLB?

My decision to study the LLB stems from an interest in international and domestic current affairs and a love of public speaking and debate. Even though it is a pure law degree, the variety of modules offered make it an attractive degree for many other career options. The LLB is an intellectually challenging degree that educates and trains your mind to digest and analyse information quickly and thoroughly. Furthermore, it encompasses some practical aspects such as advocacy, mediation and interviewing, which I was keen to explore. Particularly appealing is the fact that although the LLB provides you with an immense scope of knowledge, it also prepares you to apply that information to real-life, practical situations.


Which modules/specialism did you choose to study and why?

Currently, I am trying not to specialise or restrict myself to a specific pathway and so have selected modules that interest me. In studying for the LLB so far, I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed all the modules I have completed, so choosing an area of law to specialise in can be incredibly difficult! The areas of law that have particularly interested me are EU law, Cross Border Commercial Law, Public Law, and Contract Law. These modules, although very wide-ranging, have sparked an interest in international legal matters. I thoroughly enjoy analysing facts and clauses within contracts against an ever-changing legal and political environment. I have an eye for detail and enjoy working on complex areas of law where I can exercise my investigative skills.


Why did you choose to study with The City Law School?

I chose to study at The City Law School because it has an impressive history with many prominent people amongst its alumni. City, University of London is known to have been one of the first universities to actively demonstrate its inclusivity and equality by welcoming women as well as people from all backgrounds to study. The City Law School provides students with lots of support – both academic and personal, as well as numerous opportunities to contribute to university life. All my professors are very approachable and dedicate their time to help with any questions I may have. Moreover, in many of my modules, my professors are the authors of the key textbooks I am required to read. This demonstrates to me that they are highly knowledgeable and competent in their chosen area of law, this commitment is further evident during many enthusiastic discussions which often go beyond the scope of the module specification.


Did you take part in any extracurricular activities?

I have been part of the Women in Law Society and the Pro Bono Society during my time at City. The Women in Law society is a fantastic way to network with other like-minded students who share your aspirations and challenges in pursuing a legal career. The society also organises numerous events to promote networking amongst law students and women at differing stages in their legal careers. It is a valuable opportunity to get advice from female solicitors, barristers, and paralegals that were once in a similar position to me. The Pro Bono Society regularly shares opportunities to carry out legal work experience and voluntary opportunities with their members. This is how I learned about the interesting programmes hosted by the Freedom Law Clinic (FLC). Earlier this year, I took part in their Criminal Appeals Programme where I was involved in advising a client as part of a double murder case. Currently, I am involved with the Fitness To Practice Pilot Scheme organised by the FLC with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. In addition to this, I am a mentor for the City Buddies Mentoring Scheme (now a City Buddies Leader), which involved mentoring a first-year LLB student and providing information and guidance to them about the LLB course and university in general.


Can you tell us more about what you plan to do in the future?

In the near future, I want to complete my Bar Training Course with City; I know first-hand that they offer incredible support and I look forward to taking part in the course. Following this, I aim to obtain Pupillage in order to continue my journey to becoming a Barrister.


How has studying the LLB helped you in your career so far?

Although I am yet to start my career, studying the LLB has provided me with a broad depth of knowledge in a variety of practice areas. I have a detailed insight into the law as well as how to use it in future practice. Moreover, as part of the LLB, I have learned how to tailor written communication to a variety of audiences – be they clients, Chambers, legal bundles, or applications. This is all written advocacy and I have had an opportunity to showcase my skills. It has made me consider everything I write and its potential impact.


What have you enjoyed most about studying in London?

I love London! Studying here is ideal, everywhere is steeped in history with so many interesting places to visit. Everything you could need is in close proximity with so many different places to eat or grab a coffee. Equally, there are so many beautiful places to study, individually or group study. If you are like me and prefer to work in a place where there is comfortable background noise, there are a multitude of cafes and beautiful libraries that are easily accessible all around London. London is an amazing city, vibrant, cosmopolitan, and buzzing with life, seeing so many other students and professionals gives it a really special feel.


Do you have any advice or tips for future LLB students?

This is an incredibly interesting degree that opens a lot of doors for you. Be curious and consider looking into modules that you would possibly overlook. Try to stay on top of your workload, find what works for you, and do not be afraid to ask for support. Experiment with note-taking and revision methods to find one that suits you – it will save you a lot of time. Most importantly, do not be afraid to contact your lecturers and tutors if you do not understand something – they are more than willing to help you and will likely further fuel your interest in law!


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Although it may seem quite daunting, from my personal experience, the best things happen when you put yourself forward for things outside your comfort zone. I had no experience of mooting prior to starting the LLB and in my first year decided to attend two mooting workshops – this led to participation in the City Scholars’ Internal Mooting Competition. Emily Allbon, who organises the mooting competitions and workshops at City, provided exceptional support and encouragement. After completing my first moot, I was hooked and looking forward to the next! If there is something at university that you want to try, I would recommend putting yourself forward and just having a go.


Written by Jaya, an LLB student at The City Law School.

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