Why did you choose to study the LLB?

I chose to study LLB Law as upon researching when I was in sixth form, I found out that law is an extremely transferable degree to have. You can follow any route and career you might like, whether that is to do with working with the civil service, consultancy, business, technology, and many more. When you study LLB, you learn critical analysis, organisation, time management, and teamwork on top of other soft skills, and these skills are the most important skills to possess when you finally start working a full-time job.


Why did you choose The City Law School?

I chose to study at The City Law School because of its reputation as the first established law school in London. There are a wide range of elective modules to study in second and third year, which you might not have the chance to take in any law school in London and outside of London. Our lecturers are also diverse and are talented within their own field of study. Some lecturers were lawyers first before embarking the academic route, and some are barristers and lecturers at the same time! The most impressive part is that the essential reading books for our modules are written by our lecturers too, which is absolutely amazing as I know that the quality of materials we have at the City Law School is second to none.


What makes City unique?

What makes City unique is how diverse our university is. We have a lot of students who live locally, but also international students all over the world who choose to study at City because of the range of courses we offer. City’s location is convenient as it is at the heart of London. There are many landmark spots and activities to do with your friends around City but the transportation links from City will take you anywhere you want in London.


Did you take part of any extracurricular activities?

I took part in a lot of extra-curricular activities in London, but the highlight of my time at City is being the captain of the Women’s badminton team for City. The skills that I learned during my time at The City Law School, such as organisation and time management, are the skills that I am exhibiting to manage my team and ensure that my team are well-organised and always ready to compete within the south-eastern region. So far, we are second in the league and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead a wonderful team of competitive, fierce, and independent women at City.


How has studying the LLB helped you take the next steps in your career?

Studying the academic side of law allowed me to gain a foundational knowledge of certain areas of law when I started obtaining legal work experience. For example, I obtained two weeks of work experience with a high-street law firm in London that specialises in Immigration Law – and because I studied Immigration Law as my elective module for my second year – and I did well on this – I was able to find the researching of relevant immigration laws and rules much easier. As a result, I was able to assist and help our clients more effectively by applying the relevant rules and case law decisions relevant to their situations. Personally, I would not have done this without the guidance and incredible teaching from my lecturer for Immigration Law.


What advice or tips would you give future LLB students?

Just go with the flow. Do your own thing at your own pace and time, and do not feel obliged to follow anyone else’s footsteps on how to navigate your career in the future. It is okay to have an inspiration, but ultimately, if you put the effort in, you will always be rewarded. Most importantly, remember that failure is part of the journey, it doesn’t mean it’s the end, it only means redirection. Sometimes we may feel that we are overwhelmed by a lot of things on our way to our dreams. But always remember that you should take one single step at a time, and one day, you will look back on how far you have come and that you are now in your dream destination or career in life.


Written by Kyla, LLB student at The City Law School.

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