Master of Laws LLM International Energy Law (Part-time)


Why did you choose to study the Master of Laws?

I work for an international energy company. I was increasingly asked to support commercial negotiations and needed a much better understanding of the legal framework.


Which modules/specialism did you choose to study and why?

International Investment Law, International Energy Disputes, International Law of The Sea, Low Carbon Energy, Oil and Gas Law. They are all highly relevant to the questions I deal with at work.


Why did you choose The City Law School?

 City Law School hit the sweet spot of providing the right specialist modules taught by experienced leaders in their research field, flexibility in taking me part-time, and a fantastic central location. It was an easy decision to make!


What makes City unique?

 Three things. First, City creates opportunities for students to get involved in the London legal community so students are not learning in a bubble. Second, City has wonderful diversity of students from all backgrounds and all over the world – it feels inclusive. Third, student support is really good – the people who work in admissions, administration, libraries and so on are often the unsung heroes of university life but they are always so efficient, helpful and responsive.


Did you take part in any extracurricular activities? (The student Law Society, mooting, pro bono, etc.)

 I work full-time so it is rather difficult in my case but I have been to external speaker events with some really distinguished experts.


How has studying the Master of Laws helped you to take the next steps in your career? 

Simply, it has given me the tools to do my work. But I have enjoyed the course so much it has made me think about an academic legal career. I love the cases, the problems and dilemmas that law seeks to explain and resolve.


What do you enjoy most about studying in London?

I am not from London originally but I have lived here for 12 years. I would strongly urge students to maximise their time here. Study hard but see the city – it is very walkable, learn about its amazing history and enjoy its cosmopolitan and global feel. Many people say London allows them to be themselves. It is non-judgmental, progressive, exciting.


What advice or tips would you give to future Master of Laws students?

Organise your time well and have a plan at the start. Attend all lectures and seminars because it will help improve your assessments. Be disciplined and structured in your study time and get involved in the University. Like everything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

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