The LLB Law degree is considered to be one of the most challenging and intellectual degrees. Here are five reasons why you should invest your time in a Law degree.


1. Law gives you the power to make a difference

Studying law enables you to make a difference in people’s lives. If you feel strongly about a specific issue such as criminal law or human rights, then a law degree will teach you how to defend a client and also how the law system works.

The Law LLB degree allows you to make a difference in society as you are equipped with the relevant knowledge which can help individuals in their times of need. Law students are needed in the pro bono sector as your knowledge of the legal sector is beneficial for those who cannot afford to seek legal advice.


2. Awareness of rights and responsibilities

Many people are unaware of the different rights and responsibilities that are available to them or how the legal system works. By undertaking the law degree, you put yourself in a position where you know how court procedure works but also you can prevent someone from trampling upon your human rights.

Studying law also allows students to understand the rules and regulations that are put in place and how you can apply them to yourself and others. This also prevents you from seeking legal advice which can be costly as you will tend to have the answers yourself or know how to seek further information.


3. Law provides you with vital employment skills

Whilst undertaking a Law degree, students develop a wide range of skills that are key when it comes to employment. For example, when students are given problem questions, they are required to be attentive to details. This is a key skill that employers look for when hiring people.

Some other skills that you will undertake whilst completing a law degree that will be useful for employment include research skills, negotiation skills, ability to write accurately, and communication skills.


4. Wide variety of career options

Not everyone wants to qualify as a solicitor or as a barrister and that’s fine! One of the benefits of undertaking a law degree is that it opens your career pathway to numerous different options.

For example, students at City have gone on to seek work in business, teaching, surveying and administrative occupation. If you are unsure what you want to do after graduating, then perhaps a law degree will put you a great place as law graduates are desirable candidates for various fields. Law graduates are valued in a variety of different sectors as their knowledge is needed.


5. Status and Prestige

Did you know that Barack Obama studied law? Studying Law is challenging and can be tiring but that also comes with the status and prestige that is given to those that undertake the degree. The reward for completing a law degree puts you in a great position but also those in the legal profession receive exceptional remuneration.

Lawyers and barristers are known for being well-paid. Hence, studying a law degree puts you in a great position for the future. If you want a degree that gives you an opportunity to make a lot of money, then a law degree may be suited for you.

A law degree is respected all over the world. Additionally, it may be easier to set yourself apart when seeking work abroad as you have knowledge of how different jurisdictions handle cases. It’s not easy studying a law degree however the reward is due to your hard work and dedication.

Finally, a law degree is beneficial for students in not only understanding their rights in more detail but also sets them up for a great career in the future.


Written by Anisa, third-year LLB student at The City Law School

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