Studying the LLB degree has helped me in numerous ways. For example, it has made me become more confident and resilient. It has also helped me to prepare for my future plans in a variety of ways.


What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate, I have decided to work in the non-legal sector as a Content Creator. I still wish to qualify as a solicitor – so by working full time I will save enough money to undertake the Legal Practice Course (LPC) or complete the Solicitors Qualification Examination (SQE).

I am still undecided on which pathway to follow. Thus, I will spend some time researching the different pathways and discussing with my mentor as to which pathway will be best suited for me.


How have your lecturers supported you in pursuing your future plans?

My personal tutor has been extremely supportive in helping me pursue my future plans. I can book one-to-one meetings and talk to my tutor about these plans and how I am preparing for them.

Over the course of three years, my personal tutor has provided me with unique opportunities where I was able to look at myself and think about how I could benefit and grow personally from an experience.

Lecturers have supported students in pursuing their future plans by offering them opportunities such as mooting which will be useful to enhance communication skills but also gain an understanding of a barrister’s lifestyle.


Which modules have been the most helpful?

The Introduction to Solicitors Practice Qualification has been extremely useful. The module leader has proved to show that he cares for students’ success by taking time out of tutorials to answer students’ queries and ensure that they are prepared for their summative assessments.

This was done by providing general feedback on the formative during the lectures and then giving tailored specific feedback on each student’s formative. The feedback provided has shown to be useful as I was able to understand how I could obtain more marks in future work.

The module content is interesting as we were able to gain an insight into the modules that would be taught on the Legal Practice Course. Each lecture focused on a core module that would be covered such as Tax, Business Law, Civil Litigation and Property Law. It has really helped me to decide whether I should pursue the Legal Practice Course or the Solicitors Qualification Examination.


What activities have you done or alongside your course that have helped with your future plans?

During my second year of the LLB degree, I participated in the Micro-Placement Programme which has helped me with my future plans. This is the idea that I will be working full-time with the company after graduating the LLB. The placement has proved to be valuable in helping me obtain transferable skills which I can discuss further in applications or interviews.

I have submitted my CV for review through the Careers Team. They have given me tailored feedback on how I could improve my CV and ensure that it is ready when applying for jobs. The Careers Team also provides students with different services such as application review or an appointment to plan their career which helps to assist students in ensuring that they are ready when they graduate.


Studying the LLB degree has prepared me for my future plans as I have been able to develop as a person whilst also obtaining transferable skills such as research and communication – which are vital skills that are needed for jobs.


Written by Anisa, third-year LLB student at The City Law School

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