Although I have studied Law LLB, I was unsure whether a legal career was for me. As most students can probably relate, at some point, I wanted to continue with a master’s degree and legal practice – but I was very much scared of the unknown. For this reason, I started doing my research about the best law school experiences, and it seemed that The City Law School had the best opinions.


I think that its excellent reputation made me doubt whether I would get in – even though I met the criteria. I remember how happy I was when I received the email of acceptance to the Legal Practice Course (LPC). I know how famous The City Law School in London is, so I remember emailing the administration to make sure that I got in for sure! Honestly, since the beginning of my education, I have often felt anxious in the first few weeks in new environments. However, with The City Law School, things were not the same. I remember my first day on the LPC course like it was yesterday. Although all students were told that this would be a demanding course, somehow, I felt like we were all in this together. And in fact, we are very much in this together. Despite that, there are moments when I feel exhausted; my coursemates are always there to support me.


The LPC course at City helped me understand that becoming a solicitor is my dream. It would be unfair to say that I could have realise this without the University’s support. The staff helped me go through my CV and motivational letters and understand how to improve my employment prospects. Furthermore, this course helped me know what will be required from working in a law firm. For example, the Wills and Administration module taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and apply knowledge to the actual situation. The other outstanding module was Advocacy Skills. I had to learn to speak in front of an audience and not be upset about the professor reviewing it in front of them. It helped build my confidence and do my research very much in detail.


The advice I wish I could have been given when applying for the LPC would be – do not think twice, do it!


Even if the Legal Practice Course made me realise that a legal career is not for me (which it didn’t of course), at least I would find the answer. Moreover, I believe that the skills I have gained during the course are so broad that they allows me to stand out in the crowd in any other career path. However, as I have mentioned before, I feel very comfortable in the legal environment, and I am looking forward to becoming a solicitor. I can imagine it will not be an easy road, but the LPC course at City Law School has given me a piece of the image.


Written by Sara, LPC student at The City Law School

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