With these unprecedented times seemingly becoming our new ‘normality’ and the relaxation of restrictive measures, I could not wait to get on a plane and start attending my lessons in person. Especially after a whole long year of staying home, in my pyjamas, in front of a black screen for most of the day. Students are still split between keeping lessons online and attending in-person and it might be difficult to decide which option to keep. I believe this list might be useful to compare these methods and understand the what the best option for you is.


Personally, I believe that commuting is the main reason that dictates my preferred method of teaching. As a law student, time is incredibly valuable so picking online tutorials might be useful for those who live far or must commute during peak hours times. However, a perk of attending in-person tutorials whilst having to commute is extra time given to revise while on your train, bus or underground. Changing perspective, getting some fresh air, or walking to campus could also benefit your mental health. Yet, if you’d prefer to stay home and keep everything at hand’s length while studying, sticking to online lessons could be a positive aspect. However, be wary of simply commuting from your desk to your bed – remember to leave your computer off a few times to avoid burnout.


Another reason for wanting to switch to in-person classes is the possibility of meeting your friends during in-person lessons. It is amazing to find a familiar face or get to know other classmates you may be weren’t used to seeing. Moreover, being in person might help you clarify some of your questions on the modules with your lecturers or friends. Still, being online doesn’t mean you will be lonely! You can get to meet your friends or chat with them in breakout rooms or through video calls, especially if you are currently abroad or do not feel comfortable enough to meet in person.


Dwelling into a glimpse of normality is also another positive aspect of learning in-person. If you felt like you missed out on your university experience this past year, then going to uni to study or attending lessons might give you that university experience back. With City being fully operative, you get to stop and learn through live face-to-face tutorials, enjoy the weather at Northampton Square, walk around the university, and get a coffee or tea at various City cafes.


In terms of studying, being in person or online, keeping a good study spot will help you either way. If you decide to come in to university, then do try to enjoy the new City Law School building and the amazing library there. This is perfect for avoiding distractions at home or finding a great silent spot. However, if you’d rather keep reading at home, then make yourself a place without any distractions and discipline yourself with either the Pomodoro method or time blocking your day. After all, in-person or online, remember that you need to enjoy your law degree and your learning.


I hope this article has helped you find the perfect teaching method for your law degree!


Written by Elisa, third-year LLB student at The City Law School

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