Taking your education further after undergraduate studies can be a difficult decision for many, especially with the rising living costs in London. It is often difficult to balance student fees and living costs. However, The City Law School has a range of bursaries and scholarships available to help with funding your courses!

Prior to starting the Legal Practice Course (LPC), I was awarded the City Law School Legal Practice Course Scholarship which is a £1,500 scholarship available to outstanding applicants for the LPC, offered by The City Law School.



In order to be eligible for this award, you need to have a first-class undergraduate degree or international equivalent. You must also hold an offer of a place on the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) at The City Law School. The offer can be conditional or unconditional. Finally, you can be of any fee status (Home, EU or International) to be eligible for this scholarship – making the scholarship accessible for many students!


How to apply

There is no need to apply, as the fee waiver will automatically be applied if you are eligible!


What has the scholarship contributed towards?

The scholarship has contributed towards reducing the LPC course fees, making it more affordable for me since there is no Postgraduate Student Loan automatically available for the LPC.

Furthermore, I am funding my studies by myself. In 2020, I launched a small business where I make jewellery inspired by different cultures and countries which empowers people to represent their roots! The small business has since had a lot of success and has allowed me to fund my postgraduate studies. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without the funding options available at City, making it more affordable!

In addition to the scholarship, as a City graduate (Undergraduate level), City offered me a 10% graduate loyalty discount on tuition fees when applying for postgraduate study. The 10% off graduate loyalty discount is an institution-wide initiative that extends across all Schools and it applies in addition to any scholarship you may benefit from!


How to apply

To apply, you will need to be accepted into your intended course of study and meet all the normal academic admissions criteria for the relevant course at City, University of London.

At the point of application, you are required to inform the Admissions Office that you are a City graduate. No additional documentation should be required. If you are accepted into the course and successfully enroll, your invoice for fees will then be reduced by the appropriate amount. This was good to know as it meant that I had less documentation to get a hold of and it made the application process much smoother and less complex!


What advice would you give to students applying for the scholarships?

As this scholarship automatically applies to students who are eligible, my advice to current undergraduate students is to work hard and aim high. It’s important to achieve the best possible grades you can achieve as this will ultimately help you receive funding and win scholarships which can help make your education more affordable. Not only will high grades help to make postgraduate studies more affordable, but you will also be able to impress future employers and improve your employability! Therefore, it’s a win-win!


I hope this has helped you to learn about some funding options available at The City Law School!

There are lots of scholarships, loans, bursaries, etc and funding available at City which you can find here. If you are eligible for any, these may help to make the costs more affordable for you.


Written by Angjelina, Legal Practice Course (LPC) student at The City Law School

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