I studied the LLB (Hons) Law Degree during 2018-2021 at Bournemouth University and graduated in June 2021. As it can be presumed, I had already undergone a transition from studying on campus to remote studying during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coming to study my postgraduate degree at City, already, I knew that the methods of practice and teaching was something that I would have to adapt to. This was not because of how each lecturer teaches differently, but because, and mainly so, of the higher level of knowledge, understanding, and skills that I was required to progressively obtain.

Of course, there was no doubt that transitioning from studying the LLB to the BVS was a big step to take. Though, the main two reasons why I believed that I was able to transition without difficulty to the BVS were thoroughly taking the time to read through the Bar Vocational Studies Course Page on City’s website and attending a Postgraduate Open Evening. Thus, this blog will outline an effective method of gaining an understanding of the Bar Vocational Studies Course Page in preparation for the transition to study this course and also the importance of attending a Postgraduate Open Evening.


Bar Vocational Studies Course Page

As with every course that is being offered at City, there is a designated course page for the student to find out more information about the course on a broader spectrum.

Throughout my journey from being an applicant, registrant, to becoming enrolled as an official student at City, I frequently visited the BVS course page. I did this because of the in-depth information it provided about the degree. This helped me to gain further knowledge, prior to starting the course in the areas of:

  1. Course overview
  2. Structure
  3. Teaching and assessment
  4. Fees and funding
  5. Career
  6. How to apply

I like to record large amounts of information in the form of flashcards. It’s easier for me to process it at that moment in time and at future dates. Using Microsoft Word, I changed the layout of each blank page to landscape and typed the key pieces of information I wanted to record from each section listed above. It was the online version of having flashcards and was really easy to digest the information in this format.

I think this is important to do before the course starts. From starting your application usually in or around April, up to welcome and induction week in September, the time flies by so fast. Acquiring these pieces of information before the course starts provides you with the ability to have foundational knowledge of what you will be required to do during the whole duration of the course. It makes settling into this course a lot easier to complete and the transition will go smoother, so I would recommend you follow this method when you find the time to start planning your transition!

Depending on the type of learner you are, online flashcards can be produced and formatted in different ways. For example, it can be done through imagery, text boxes, graph charts, bullet points, or standard paragraphs. Whatever way works best for you is the way you should follow. Either way, the most crucial part of conducting this task is to ensure that you record the important pieces of information down from the course page and do it at your earliest convenience!


Postgraduate Open Evenings

Postgraduate open evenings: register and attend them. It’s that simple. Make time in your schedule to participate in these evenings because the insightful knowledge that you will take from these evenings will be very helpful and useful in your transitioning process! The great thing about these evenings is that they are often conducted online. So, if you are either a UK or international student and/or don’t have the access or time to travel to campus for open days, this is the best alternative. It is just as useful and informative as an event that is held on campus; the only literal difference is that you are attending these evenings from the comfort of your home!

There is an upcoming postgraduate evening happening on Wednesday 8 June 17:00-19:00. Click here to register for this event.


Final Advice

To summarise, find time within your schedule to set aside and thoroughly read in-depth the Bar Vocational Studies Course Page and plan to attend a postgraduate evening!

I hope I have been able to provide insight into how City helped me to transition from LLB to BVS, and I wish you the very best of luck in your course and future.


Written by Olubusola, LLM Bar Vocational Studies student at The City Law School

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