Why I choose The City Law School

“The City Law School has an academic reputation as well as many outstanding alumni. I wanted to study under the best minds hence I knew The City Law School was for me.” 

-Anisa, Second Year LLB student

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What makes City’s LLB unique?

Tuna, City Law School graduate and City Student’s Union President shares her experience of studying at The City Law School.

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What are the challenges of first year LLB studies?

Maira, a current Second Year LLB student gives insight into the challenges that are associated with studying Law, and the support she recieved to help overcome them.

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Online resources at your disposal

Second year LLB student shares some helpful advice about making the most of online resources. Whether its improving your study techniques, recieving advice from legal professionals or even gaining work experience – all from the comfort of your home!

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Pro Bono opportunities 

Pro Bono is a great opportunity to not only give something back to the community, but to also help expand your practical legal experience. Anisa, a Second Year LLB student gives her account of her experience of participating in Pro Bono activities as well as how she juggled this with her studies.

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Networking opportunities

“Networking is important because it helps you to build connections and provides you with new opportunities. Employers tend to look for this skill during interviews and assessment centres, so it is always best to develop this skill from early on.”

-Anisa, Second Year LLB student

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My CityBuddy experience

CityBuddy is a programme run by City, University of London where you are matched with a Second or Third year student who will be your mentor for the first term of university. Starting university may feel daunting, but your CityBuddy is a great way to help you settle into university life.

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My micro-placement experience

“One of the benefits of undertaking the Micro-placement scheme is that it prepares you for your future career. Employers want to see your experience along with your degree and this scheme enables you to develop new skills and strengths.”

-Anisa, Second Year LLB student

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International Student Insight

Melissa, a third year LLB student, originally from Canada shares her insight into why she chose to move to London and study at City, University of London.

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Living in London

What’s it like to not only study, but live in London? Maira, second-year LLB student shares her experience of living in the capital and all of the exciting opportunities on offer.

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Exams at The City Law School

Second year LLB student Maira gives a run down of the different types of exams that take place throughout your studies at the City Law School. From the traditional written exams to more practical Mooting exams, there are a range of ways in which you will be assessed.

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Getting involved with societies

From a Bee society, to Bollywood dancing or Cocktail making – there is a society for everyone here at City. Second year LLB student Maira shares her top tips for getting involved and why societies are a great way to make new friends.

Melanie’s pro bono experience

LLB student Melanie had the opportunity to volunteer at the Civil Advice Legal Clinic as a student advisor – read about her responsibilities.

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Ruqayyah’s pro bono experience

Since the age of 16, LLB student Ruqayyah has been participating in pro bono work. She shares her experiences.

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The CityBuddy Programme – Why you should join

The programme is a fantastic way to help you settle into university.

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Studying Law and working is possible: here’s how!

LLB student Elisa gives tips on balancing studying and working.

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Micro-Placement Programmes – How I got involved

Students experience real-life exposure to the work environment which allows them to gain experience and enhance their skills.

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5 things I wish I would have known in my first year studying Law

Use Anisa’s experience to improve your own studying Law.

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Online vs in-person teaching for Law – what is best?

Compare the two common methods of teaching for Law.

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My advice for first-year Law students

Get a head start on studying law by checking out Elisa’s tips.

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5 reasons why you should study Law

Power to make a difference, awareness of rights and responsibilities, and more!

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5 myths about studying Law debunked

Are you put off by Law before you’ve even started researching it? Anisa covers common myths associated with legal studies.

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How studying the LLB has prepared me for my future plans

The LLB is the first stage for many aspiring lawyers in achieving their dream.

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The new City Law School building – why it’s a great study space

Learn about where you’ll study Law at City.

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5 common misconceptions about studying Law

Don’t believe everything you read about studying Law.

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