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Editing the Cass Homepage

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A guide to Editing the new Cass homepage.

The homepage was built based on the accordion style but based entirely on metadata.

Asset #150984 is the Home page asset.

That has an inner folder called sections. This is the folder that has all the different widgets of the home page.

Sections folder include the following:

  • Carousel
  • Resources
  • Business Services
  • and Case studies.

I will explain each one below.


The Carousel can  have n elements but we stick to 5 at the moment.

Each page has carousel (154928) metadata schema attached to it.

There are two areas on the carousel page, the left where you will have to change the metadata fields such as:

  • Headline.text, e.g Cass Business School – The Intellectual heart of business
  • , e.g The link for the above text
  • and carousel middle (the red area), e.g the text displaying for the 10 – anniversary

The area on the right, it is displayed based on 8 different display types of templates those are the following:

  • Template with 3 videos
  • Template with 2 videos
  • Template with 1 image and 1 video
  • Template with 1 image
  • Template with 1 image and 2 videos
  • Template with 2 images
  • Template with 1 video
  • Template with 2 images and 1 video

The user can select them from the drop down list and then edit the respective part of metadata.

Each template has its own fields to display different to the others.

For example template with 1 image and 2 videos you will have to fill in those fields

<!– Template with 1 image and 2 videos //–>

  • carousel.6.image1.heading
  • (the matrix id of that image)
  • carousel.6.image1.text (the caption for the image)
  • carousel.6.video1.heading (the heading for the video)
  • carousel.6.video2.heading
  • (the thumb id in matrix)


For the resources we use the metadata schema of resources so changes need to take place on those fields. The thumnails are the thumbnail of the relative standard page inside that folder.

Business Services

Exactly the same way as the resources above.

Case study

This is a standard page located a the end of the Section’s folder. For the case study choose “Edit Contents”.

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