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Solve Java related issues with Matrix

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Recent Java updates have introduced issues with our CMS. This post describes how to configure the Java running on your machine and solve most of these issues.

This solution solves the “application cannot run” pop up error, where the CMS will simply refuse to load the asset map (when trying to create links for example).

To solve this, you need to add the following urls to the list of safe sites in the Java preferences:

On Windows

Start the Java preferences pane (start menu > in the search box, enter “java” and run “Configure Java” ).


From the preferences, go to the security tab and click the “Edit Site List…” button. In the new window, add the two sites mentioned above and click “Ok” and “Apply”.


Clear your browser cache and restart it. You should now be able to use Java with the CMS correctly!

On a Mac

From the system preferences, choose the Java icon.


This opens up the Java preferences in a separate window. Navigate to the security tab and add the urls previously mentioned using the “Edit Site List…” button.


Serena Collage Virtual Machines


Because our legacy CMS does not play nicely with modern web browsers, the Windows Team have kindly set us up 5 “virtual machines” with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 installed.

CMS users are now able to remotely log onto one of these machines to edit and publish their content using the browser the CMS was designed for. We hope this will alleviate some of the pain of using poor old Serena Collage.


Serena Collage Bugs and Known Fixes

CMS, Uncategorized.

Serena Collage was designed for Internet Explorer 6 and because of this it doesn’t play well with modern browsers. Collage has been “sunset” by Serena which means it is no longer being actively developed and any problems that arise in modern browsers will not be fixed by the vendors.

Unfortunately we are stuck with it for the time being so here is a collection of known issues and fixes that may make your life easier.

A Web Team public service announcement

CMS, Development , , , .

A brief reminder for all CMS users about how the University Web Team manages requests for training, support and development work: 

  1. All ‘low-level’ requests (e.g. fixing broken links, uploading images to the CMS, CMS support, FormAssembly training and support) should be sent via Response Centre (email or call x8181). This includes high-impact issues.
  2. All requests for CMS training should be directed to IT Training.
  3. CMS user management requests (creating, amending or removing a user account) should be submitted by completing the form at
  4. Larger development requests, for example creating a new website or developing a web application, should be submitted by completing the form at

 Regrettably, due to the large number of current and outstanding requests for development, Web Team are no longer able to accept requests that are covered by any of the four contact methods described above if they are emailed directly to us. However, please do feel free to call us to discuss your requirements before submitting requests; we will be happy to answer your questions and will suggest the best method for taking forward your support request. Our contact details are as follows:

 Further information about the Web Team can be found at

Changes to the City Family

CMS, General.

A new Web Support Officer

Web Team have recruited Larry Naman as our new Web Support Officer. Larry has recently completed the Electronic Publishing Master’s programme with distinction. Larry will enable our team to reduce support and development times in addition to better meeting the significant challenges posed by the Digital Strategy.

Interestingly there are now five Electronic Publishing graduates working at City, perhaps an indication of the quality of the syllabus!

Warning: Excessive CMS use may lead to infatuation

A bug in Serena Collage has caused two users, Spencer Ball (Digital Marketing Executive, School of Arts) and Carolina Susaeta Vasquez (MIS Analyst, HR), to become engaged. Web Team advise users to avoid all contact with these individuals pending a patch release from Serena.

Our thoughts are with the Susaeta-Vasquez-Ball’s.

Social media for City news articles

CMS, Upgrades.

Web Team have revised the news article pages to include functionality for:

  1. Easy access to the most popular RSS feeds at City University
  2. Emailing of articles to friends
  3. Social bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?

Wikipedia defines Social bookmarking as a mechanism that:

“allows user to save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine.”


What does this mean for you?

Social bookmarks allow you to:

  • create a centralised archive of bookmarks independent of a specific desktop computer
  • manually tag, describe and organise content based upon your understanding of the content rather than relying upon search engine algorithms
  • bookmark content priror to its indexing by search engines
  • rank referenced media based upon the number of times that it has b een bookmarked or approved by users. This can be a useful metric when trying to understand the relevance of the article or search results
  • have a conversation/discussion since some social media websites allow users to leave comments about referenced material.

What does this mean for City University?

Social bookmarking allows users to share City news articles. Therefore social bookmarking provides an additional channel for marketing of the University.

How to get involved

To start to use social bookmarking you will need to register with a website. Popular social bookmarking websites include:

CMS update

CMS, Upgrades.


Tomorrow (11th February) morning, we will be installing a TLS certificate on our CMS server. This upgrade will enhance the security of our CMS because TLS provides for both authentication (i.e. proving that the server really is the CMS) and encryption of data transferred across the web.

What will you notice?

  • The address of the CMS will change from to We will set up a redirect from the former to the latter, so you shouldn’t have to worry about amending your bookmarks.
  • You may receive a notification from your browser regarding acceptance of a security certificate. As long as you have correctly typed into your web browser address bar, you should accept, or click ‘OK’, to any such notification.

For further information, help or advice, please contact the Web Team.

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