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New student section and responsive design

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Just in time for the start of the year, we released a responsive version of the design for the new student section.

It’s a first step into switching the entire site to a responsive design and over the next few months, we’ll look into rolling it out to other sections. We will also be improving the design and functionality as we go along.

CSS media queries target different screen sizes and adapt the design to the size of the user’s screen. We opted for an approach favouring fluid transitions: rather than using fixed breakpoints set by specific hardware device sizes, the elements are rearranged to fit any screen size.

We introduced Bootstrap with the release of this new design, to handle the grid, scaffolding and responsive functionality. We also took this opportunity to switch this section to HTML5. A change that has previously been made elsewhere on the site and that we will continue to apply across different sections.

If you want to learn more about responsive design, A List Apart published an interesting article on this design process.

Image Galleries with Squiz Matrix and Galleria

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Tools: Squiz Matrix, JavaScript

A recent addition to the City and Cass websites are image galleries. The key requirements for the galleries were they:

  1. Should display images in a visually attractive and engaging way
  2. Should be quick to load i.e. not loading all images on page load
  3. Should gracefully degrade to a useable gallery for users without JavaScript
  4. Should be easily editable by content editors

Here’s how we built them using Squiz Matrix and the jQuery plugin Galleria, taking a cue from the tutorial over on Matrix Users.


New HTML 5 Theme


Things have been far too quiet here on the Web Team Blog of late so here’s the first of what I hope is a more regular series of posts highlighting some of things we have been hard at work on here in the Web Team.

Today’s post is about our recently launched HTML5 WordPress theme which we are trialling here on the Web Team Blog. The theme represents City’s first foray into HTML 5 and responsive design and incorporates our new digital visual language developed as part of the NextWeb project.

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