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Solve Java related issues with Matrix

CMS, Squiz Matrix.

Recent Java updates have introduced issues with our CMS. This post describes how to configure the Java running on your machine and solve most of these issues.

This solution solves the “application cannot run” pop up error, where the CMS will simply refuse to load the asset map (when trying to create links for example).

To solve this, you need to add the following urls to the list of safe sites in the Java preferences:

On Windows

Start the Java preferences pane (start menu > in the search box, enter “java” and run “Configure Java” ).


From the preferences, go to the security tab and click the “Edit Site List…” button. In the new window, add the two sites mentioned above and click “Ok” and “Apply”.


Clear your browser cache and restart it. You should now be able to use Java with the CMS correctly!

On a Mac

From the system preferences, choose the Java icon.


This opens up the Java preferences in a separate window. Navigate to the security tab and add the urls previously mentioned using the “Edit Site List…” button.


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