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Unifying a University’s user experience


Following the launch of the new global navigation on our external website, we have rolled out the design pattern across three other online products: Moodle, the Student Intranet and Library.

Screenshots of how the global navigation looks across City's online products

The design is part of our drive to create a consistent experience across the range of City’s online products. We want users to enjoy complementary transitions between our most used online applications and websites and hope the new design will help users discover where they are within City’s digital landscape and be able to easily navigate across the breadth of our products.

Admittedly, creating a unified user experience is by no means an easy thing to achieve in a University environment – with a diverse (and constantly growing) range of online products, individual schools with their own brand considerations and priorities and separate teams responsible for each product.

However, by reaching out to teams and people across the University (big thank you to the Moodle team) we have made a small but important step in unifying the experience of City University London online.

Serena Collage Bugs and Known Fixes

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Serena Collage was designed for Internet Explorer 6 and because of this it doesn’t play well with modern browsers. Collage has been “sunset” by Serena which means it is no longer being actively developed and any problems that arise in modern browsers will not be fixed by the vendors.

Unfortunately we are stuck with it for the time being so here is a collection of known issues and fixes that may make your life easier.

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