Enhance your Personal Statement in Lockdown

Gaining Skills whilst Socially Distancing

So six months into the school year, you found yourself in lockdown.  Now it’s the summer term and you have to start thinking about what to include in your UCAS personal statement.  Rest assured, you still have plenty of time to write it.  However, if you are planning to study a vocational degree such as Allied Healthcare or Primary Teaching, you may have hoped to use the summer term to gain work experience.  Similarly, if considering a more academic subject like History or English Literature or you’re still undecided, you may have planned to attend university taster days or summer schools this term to gain further insight.

With the current Covid-19 crisis, most activities are on hold for now. It’s therefore understandable that you may feel a bit lost about what to include in those 4000 characters (600-650 words) particularly if you were depending on these events to enhance it.  Check out the link below for further information about the 4 things you could consider doing between now and the autumn term to help you add weight to your personal statement – whilst socially distancing of course!

How to Enhance Your Personal Statement During Lockdown  







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